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For the last three decades, Corporate Development Partners (CDP) has helped early-stage technology companies achieve exceptional results by reducing cycle time, accelerating growth and building effective and enduring teams. Those early successes include the likes of Intel, Cisco, Apple, Sun, Compaq and Conner Peripherals, each of which went on to dominate their markets and become legendary global leaders.


Over the years, CDP has identified the practices and processes that enabled these technology giants to dominate their market sectors and reap bountiful returns for their founders, management teams, investors and employees. CDP's Exceptional Growth Model and playbook helped Conner Peripherals grow to a billion dollars in revenue in less than five years, making it the fastest growing American company in history and Fortune's company of the year.

Looking forward, the same practices that propelled these high tech giants into the stratosphere now apply to bioscience startups, which will comprise the next wave of unfettered growth and extraordinary profits.



As managing partner of CDP, Lou Pambianco spearheaded the development of its Exceptional Growth Model based on the successes of its Silicon Valley clients.


Lou is a competitive ocean sailboat racer and has captained Red Hawk, his ultra-light Santa Cruz 40 sailboat, and Heartbeat, his Wylie 46 boat, to victories in scores of competitions. He is also a member of the six-day club of mono hull racers. Crewing on the renowned yacht Merlin in the Pacific Cup, Merlin completed the San Francisco to Hawaii race in six days nineteen hours. And to temper his competitive edge and nourish the soul, Lou is an avid gardener and a talented cook.

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